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Just updated my website
Luxury that I can not afford
Cotton Candy
Mexican bingo game


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Just updated my website

I just added some awesome images to the Arts Birthday Event from last night Jan 17 2014... My girls are Dolls!

Luxury that I can not afford

Years ago a friend of mine purchased this for me. It is FINE suiting, Mohair Wool With Mink Cashmere - Italy. I have decided to use it in my next collection.

Cotton Candy

I'm warming up the candy machine. I love Cotton Candy. I accidentally eat to much, every time. It took me two weeks to open it. Soon to be my best friend forever.


Easiest costume I've ever made :) happy Halloween Ghouls

Mexican bingo game

Loteria, such a beautiful game

Tramp Stamper

The CD release party is tonight! I just finished rushing 13 new shirts to the guys. There were two shirts left over and looky here it fits in my merch sign.

Last night

Last night was fun, it always is. I have been addicted to fashion show frenzy for 20 years now,It never seems to get old. However I seem to be aging each and every season. Lol, lol... To see more images from last nights show go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/westerncanadafashionweek/

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The show

Thanks Courtney Duncan for makeup thanks models for your beauty

Morning of the show!

I'm packing up my gear, packed the shoes, accessories, clothes!!! Makeup hair and something for me to wear. Music. And I'm sure I will forget something lol.

Day before show!

Here it is 100% finished, trimmed, detailed and embellished. One day before the show and even I have an outfit hidden in amongst the s/s 2014 collection. Can't wait to show you.