Welcome to my portfolio     
My name is Cherie Howard,
I have been designing fashion as art in Edmonton for 20 years. Puppets and dolls, clothing and costumes, you'll find it all right here. I design hairstyles and shoot photographs, I write fiction and sometimes make little fashion films. I currently reside in Edmonton AB Canada where I make a modest living using my talent and skills. I style hair privately in the comfort of my clients homes. I am a professional amateur photographer, a paid stylist, custom costume designer and retailer of my own clothing collection.I can also provide you with simple yet stylish graphics for your business, brand or private enterprise. I am for hire, my collections are for sale and I periodically accept new clientele. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me. I can be reached by email cherie@cheriehoward.com you can also find me on Facebook and on Twitter.