Cherie Howard

AGE: 36
HOMETOWN: Edmonton, AB

I love using my imagination

-Cherie Howard

Fashion design is a blast, I create collections that represent my spacial surroundings at the time of conception. The only rules are that the pieces are wearable on stage and in everyday life.   

Costume design is out of this world crazy fun. I find designing costumes to be like building an impossible structure. How will it move? How will it look on film or stage? Is it going to be comfortable? What on earth can be used to support the form? I love finding the answers to these questions, thats why I adore costume design. I have made it my career to practice both disciplines religiously. So far I have fashioned runways with uniquely dressed models for two decades, created creatures for the motion picture industry, costumed stellar films and theatre productions. 

Design is my life and i am very happy to keep creating.